A WIP, A Hippie Beanie and a Frog

Well it is Wednesday again and I am posting about a wip. Yep, definitely something wrong.

I have made good progress on the Coffee Stripe Scarf. I would say I am about half way done. I don’t think I will  make it the 72 inches as called for in the pattern. I think I will stop at 60 or a little more. I have finished the row of bone that you see here, added another row of the coffee stripe, and just started a row of solid coffee.

I started and finished a hippie beanie for my daughter. She liked Martin’s Hippie Beanie so I made her one too. I think I might make one for myself too. I also might do some adjustments to the pattern. The crown on both previous hats have had a cone like top for the first five rounds then it rounds out like a usual beanie. I will try to figure it out.

Project Name: Kay’s Hippie Beanie

Pattern Used: Pattern # 20 Hippie Beanie from
“24 Hours Crochet Hacks: 25 Fast and Easy Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners”
By Emily Rohan Copyright 2015
Started on: 07/17/2018
Finished on: 07/22/2018
Hook Used: E/4- 3.50 mm
Stitches Used: Slip Stitch, Single and Double Crochet
Colors Used: Herrshcners Afghan Yarn 100% Acrylic 2 ply Fine Weight in 0112 Seascape and 0069 Grape Frost
Measurements: Circumference of 22 inches . Crown to edge measures 7 inches when laid flat.
Weight: 7/8 ounces

Moving on to the frog. The yarn used was even green. lol

I found a pattern to make a hat like the one’s worn by Mario in the popular Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers. I followed the pattern to the letter. I counted my stitches carefully. I used stitch markers to mark the start of the repeat this step four times around type of instructions. I got it all finished and it did not look like a Mario hat to me at all. So I ripped the whole thing out. I will study up on the pattern some more. It suggests that you keep your stitches tight and use stiffer yarns. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Paddy Green. It was soft and pretty loose. I did try to keep my stitches as tight as I could though. We will see I may give it another go.

I also picked up the second sock and did three rows of the cuff.



Square Yesterday, Rectangle Today


I have finished the large granny square for upcycling the large canvas bag. I did add some pink and a some variegated pink, purple, white yarn. I am happy with the outcome.


I placed it on the bag to see how it fit. It nearly covers the whole thing.

Project Name: Large Granny Square for Upcycling Large Canvas Bag
Pattern Used: Simple Granny Square
Started: 06 /25/2018
Finished: 07/06/2018
Hook Used: I/9-5.50 mm
Colors: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0356 Amethyst, 0530 Orchid, and 0776 Dark Orchid
Herrshcners Baby Yarn 100% Acrylic 4 ply Acrylic Worsted Weight in 1012 Ballerina (Pink) and 2001 Fairy Princess (Variegated Pink, Purple, White)
Measurements: 14 1/2 inches long x 14 1/2 inches wide x 20 inches diagonal

As soon as I finished the square I got started on the rectangle for the back of the bag. I crocheted a chain of 21 and single crocheted in the second chain from hook, crocheted across, chain one turned and single crocheted across. I now had two rows. I then single crocheted 3 in the corner single crocheted in the one end row and 3 single crocheted in other corner. I marked the 2 single crochet of the 3 crochet in corner as from here on out I would be working in the round. I single crocheted across the long side, then repeated the corner end steps, crochet along other long side and slip stitched to beginning corner stitch,no chaining just continues rounds. I continued in this fashion until my rectangle was this size. It is 7 rounds.


I then began making the granny style stitches. I placed 3 double crochets in the corner single crochet that I had marked, chained one then placed 3 more double crochets in the same corner single crochet. I chained 1, skipped 5 single crochets ( I am working the short end now)placed 4 double crochets in that stitch, skipped 5 stitches and placed 3 double crochets in the marked corner stitch, chained 1, 3 more in the same corner stitch. Working along the long side now, skip 3 stitches, 3 double crochets in next, repeat across to next marked corner stitch repeat corner and the short end like above. Repeat long end stitches over to first corner and slip stitch to join. If it was a round I changed colors I finished off then joined by slip stitch in corner, chained 3 and continued in a granny style stitch fashion. I edged with a round of Half double crochet and was just about finished with the second round of single crochet in the photo below. I used most of the same colors as in the square except the rectangle has no amethyst. I used the last bit of that in the square, so I substituted the last little bit of Lion Brand -Vanna’s Choice 100% Acrylic 4 ply Medium Worsted Weight in 139 Berrylicious

I should finish it up later this evening during movie and crocheting time.

Maybe I will start that self striping yarn scarf next. 🙂

Baby Sandal Attempt # 1


I decided to go ahead with a trial attempt baby sandal Wednesday evening after posting that was one of my ideas for a project. I found my BABY BOOTIES pattern from my Kindle Ebook:
Beginner’s Guide to Crochet Patterns by Emily Nelson copyright 2013 Location 1499
I got this book in a free promotion for a 3 book bundle on Amazon.The bundle is now priced at $4.99 US dollars.
I thought this pattern  would give me a good base for making a sole for the sandal. I used a F/5 – 3.75 mm hook.
I did Rounds 1 – 2a of the pattern.

With wrong side facing , I found the middle of one end of the sole and counted 6 to the right, this formed the base for the heel, slip stitched to join then half double crochet in the front loop only of the next 10 stitches. -10
Chained 1, turned, Single crochet across. -10
Chained 1 turned. Single crochet 2 together, Single crochet next 6 stitches, Single crochet 2 together. -8
Chained 1 turned. Single crochet 2 together, Single crochet next 4 stitches, Single crochet 2 together. -6
Chained 20, Slip stitched back down the chain and over the 6 single crochet of the heel then chained 20 and slip stitched back down this chain to the heel slip stitched to join. Fastened off.
Slip stitched to join new color by heel tie single crochet around whole sandal to the other tie. Fastened off
In making the top foot cover I first tried slip stitching to the side chained 8 then slip stitched to other side. Changed colors and single crocheted to the chain across to other side. This did not work as I thought it would. It was too fidley. So I unraveled that.

I thought maybe just make a small square of fabric then attach it to the sides with single crochet. I did a chain of 10 and did a row then changed colors and did 2 rows of it, then changed colors again and did 2 rows of that and fastened off. I then slip stitched to join an end to the side of sandal and single crocheted across to end of fabric, Fastened off. Repeated for the other side. I was happy with the results.

I went to my daughter’s on Thursday morning so I brought the sandal along. She tried the sandal on Connor. Alas it was too small. He is only 5 weeks old now and was to big for a newborn size bootie. I should have known he would take after his dad and big brother and have big feet. Good thing I only did get the one made.

I can now make more modifications and make an actual pair. I will need a bigger hook, maybe I will skip over my G/6-4.25 mm hook and go straight to the H/8- 5.00 mm hook. I might also add one more round to the sole before I start forming the side. I think the heel portion probably can stay the same. I also need to make the chain for the ties longer. They were not long enough to tie around the ankle on this attempt.

So what has become of the too small sandal? I have tied it to my book bag handle for a cute little decoration. 🙂


Decisions, Experiments and WIP’s

I wanted a new set of wrist warmers for myself. I again used shades of purple as it is my favorite color. I thought this purple, orange, blue and maroon variegated would go well with them.

I finished one and decided I wanted to make them into flip top mittens. I joined some yarn to the palm of the warmer and single crocheted 12 stitches. I then chained 12 and slip stitched that to where I joined at the palm end. I then did a few rounds and then did decreasing rounds until I was able to close the top. I tried it on, but it did not feel comfy. It was kind of pointy at the end too instead of a nice rounded end. I unraveled it ,then pretty much just left it sit for a while and did not start the second warmer. I had to decide if I just wanted warmers or wanted to find a different method of making the flip top.
So the other evening I decided to experiment with a different method. I decided to do it like you would work a hat from the crown to edge. I started with a magic loop with 6 Half double crochets. I then did increasing rounds for a total of 24 hdcs. I did a couple of more non increasing rounds. I tried it on, comfy and has a rounded end.


I will be unraveling it, as it was an experiment. I did it with a J hook, thinking that was the size I had used on the warmer turns out I actually used an I hook. Once I get a new flip top made I will join it to the warmer with slip stitches in 12 stitches. If I like the feel of the new flip top I will go ahead and start the second warmer. If I don’t I will probably unravel the flip top. If I do that I might decide to put them up for sale. I have not yet decided if I will make a matching hat, if I do then I have to decide which pattern to use for that.
I have also been wanting to crochet a rug to go around the toilet. I found a pattern that would make a square ended one, but I wanted mine to a have a rounded one. So I got to thinking I needed to know how to crochet a half circle. I could make it large enough then make arms on the ends using rows. I found a half circle pattern and started a test one. I used a J hook as it is an experiment. I wanted to get the feel of the pattern and using this large of hook I could see the stitches better.
I think I need to do a bit more practicing or it needs to be bigger to start looking a bit more half circle like. As it is now it looks like the toe of a square-toed men’s dress shoe to me. When I begin the actual rug I think I will use an H hook. The spacing was too wide with the J hook.

I continue to work on the v-stitch throw. I am not sure that it will be the 41 inches wide once finished. I think it will be close. I am using yarn that I got as a gift so won’t be able to get more if I run out. I have not worked on the second purple sock for quite a while. I have not even gotten the cuff finished.

The Throw

The Sock

Square Corner Camera Case/Dust Cover Pattern

And Photo Tutorial

I had just jotted down this pattern after I had completed Nick’s Green Camera Case. I knew I needed to edit it and go through it more thoroughly. What better way to do that then crochet the item again and tweak it here and there when needed. So that is what I did. I got the pattern written and did photos as I crocheted the new item.

First the written pattern.

Square Corner Camera Case/Dust Cover Pattern
Designed by Arlene K. Didier from Skrappy Skarves
This will fit the Canon Powershot A2300 and ELPH 180 cameras.
Or any small point and shoot camera measuring 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1 inch.
Pattern alternates between rows and rounds so pay close attention.
Hook size: F/5 – 3.75 mm
Any 4 ply worsted weight yarn in color of your choice. One for Main Color and one contrasting color for optional trim.
stitch marker
tapestry needle for weaving in ends and trimming in option 3
1 inch diameter button
sewing needle
sewing thread
Chain 17
Row 1: Double crochet in 2nd chain from hook. Double crochet across to end. Chain 2, turn. – 16 Dc
Row 2: Double crochet across to end. Chain 2, place stitch marker in 2nd chain of chain 2. – 16 Dc
Counts as first Dc for each Round.
Switch to working in rounds.
Round 3: Double crochet in back loops only of the next 15 stitches, 2 double crochets in next stitch, (this is your corner stitch).Turn work, place 1 double crochet in the two end rows, turn work, two double crochets in the next stitch(2nd corner), turn work Double crochet in the next 14 stitches, 2 double crochet in next stitch(3 rd corner),Turn work, 1 double crochet in each of the two end rows. Slip stitch to Chain 2 stitch with the stitch marker in it, Chain 2 move stitch marker up. – 40 Dc
Round 4: Double in each double crochet around. Slip stitch to chain 2 to join. -40 Dc
Rounds 5 – 7: Repeat round 4. – 40 Dc
Do Not Fasten Off.
Switch back to rows to form flap.
Row 8: Half Double Crochet In back loop only of next 17 double crochet. Chain 2, turn. – 17 Hdc
Row 9: Half double crochet to end. Chain 2, turn. – 17 hdc
Row 10: Half double crochet to end. Chain 2, turn. – 17 hdc
Row 11: Half double crochet to end. Chain 2, turn. – 17 hdc
Row 12: Half Double crochet in back loop only across to end. Chain 2, turn. -17 hdc
Row 13: Half double crochet to end. Chain 2, turn. – 17 hdc
Row 14: Half double crochet to end. Chain 1, turn. – 17 hdc
Row 15: Single Crochet in next 7 half double crochet, chain 3, Skip next 3 half double crochet, single crochet in next 7 half double crochet. Chain 1, turn. – 17 sc
Row 16: Single crochet across, single crochet in chain 3, single crochet to end.
Fasten off weave in ends. Sew Button on in line with hole in flap.

If you are going to trim, sew the button on after you are done trimming.

Click first photo for larger slide show of photos.

Option 1: Slip stitch to join your contrasting color in bottom one of the corners. Single crochet to the opening of case. Fasten off, weave in ends. Repeat for other three corners. This is how I trimmed out Nick’s Green Camera Case.







Option 2: Slip stitch to join your contrasting color in bottom of one of the corners. Slip stitch to the opening of case. Fasten off, weave in ends. Repeat for other three corners.
Option 3: Using Tapestry needle and contrasting yarn stitch corners as seen in photos.

Join contrasting color in the front loops of Round 3. Slip stitch around , fasten off , weave in ends. See photo.

Slip stitching around bottom.
Slip stitching around bottom.







Join Contrasting color in back right corner Double crochet of opening. Slip stitch around to left back corner double crochet. Slip stitch up the flap,2 single crochet in corner stitch, slip stitch over to other corner, 2 single crochet in corner stitch, slip stitch down flap to beginning slip stitch. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Sew on button in line with flap.

The final photos with the stats.













Project Name: Orange Pumpking Camera Case/Dust Cover
Pattern Used: Square Corner Camera Case/Dust Cover Pattern
Designed by: Arlene K. Didier from Skrappy Skarves
Started on: 12/23/2016
Finished on: 12/23/2016
Hook Used: F/5 – 3.75
Stitches Used: Double Crochet, Double Crochet Back Loop Only, Half Double Crochet, Single Crochet, and Slip Stitch
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4ply worsted weight in 0254 Pumpkin and 0324 Bright Yellow
Other Materials: 1 inch diameter bright yellow button
Measurements: 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1 inches with a 3 inch flap