Throw Back Thursday # 8 A New Beanie for Me

Posted May 13th 2015


This is the beanie hat I created for myself. It is double crochet at the crown, raspberry stitch is what it was called in the stitch book I got it from or some people might call it a popcorn stitch for the sides, and the band around my forehead is single crochet. The last row of single crochet, I single crocheted 3sc in one stitch then sc in the next 3 stitches and repeated to end of round. I used a K or 6.50 mm hook. The yarn is #4 worsted. The colors are a strand of variegated purple (this was a unlabled ball I got from a second-hand store) and a sparkle white(Lion Brand Wool Ease) strand crocheted together.

This is the free Kindle book I got the Raspberry stitch from: (2014-02-10). 8 Different Crochet Stitches: Learn to Crochet Something New with Crochet Patterns (Kindle Locations 171-173). Prime Publishing LLC. Kindle Edition. Raspberry Crochet Stitch By: Candy Lifshes from Meladora’s Creations

The single crochet 3 in one stitch was the finishing from My granny square beanie. The pattern for the granny square beanie was in this Downloaded PDF book I found on
14 Free Crochet Hat Patterns: Crochet Beanie Hats, Crochet Cap Patterns & More
Rainbow Beanie By: Revlie Schuit from REVolution

Update 01-17-2019: I added the links for the Raspberry stitch and the Rainbow Beanie. They were not in the original post.


Winging It And A Leg To Stand On

Actually A Leg To Lay On


Winging it perfectly describes my Granny Squares Afghan. I have gotten both square 3 and square 4 all joined, but not to each other or to squares one and two. I have now made four squares with solid granny square centers.
Nick(my Son) saw square three laying out on the stool. He said, “That looks like Reese’s Pieces.” So that is what I am calling it now “The Reese’s Pieces Square” 😀

The fourth square’s progress.


Squares One and Two Joined

As I looked into the bag with the many small balls of frogged items yarn not knowing what will be the next square, I decided that I now wanted to try making large squares by just joining 16 five-inch squares. I want to try to do an actual join as you go kind of method where the joining will actually produce the fifth round of the square to make it 5 inches. That is why these batches of squares, I have been crocheting like mad this week are only 4 rounds and some are only 3 rounds.
I made this rainbow square it has two different variegated rainbow yarns separated by the dark green.

Square 65

Then I made three yellow centers. I used some of the darker rainbow variegated for the second round for one to tie in with the two variegated rainbows with green square. Then round three was a light purple.
Square 70

I still had some of the dark rainbow yarn so I crocheted a center with it, then a second round of double crochet. The third round of this square was also purple. I am now adding a blue-ish green as the fourth round of this square.
Square 71

I crocheted a spiral type pastel variegated yarn to the other two yellow centers for their second round and a light green/white spiral kind of yarn for the third round.

Squares 68 and 69

I had enough of these four shades of pink to get these 4 matching squares.
Pink squares 55 thru 58

I had enough bits and pieces of other pinks to crochet these two different squares.

Pink squares 53 and 54

I reached into the bag and pulled out some of the yarn from the frogged Betsy Rose Hat.

So these patriotic squares came into being. I was able to make 2 red centers, 2 white centers, 2 blue centers, and 2 variegated centers.
One red center, second round variegated, third round white, fourth round blue.

Square 59

One red center, second round variegated, third round half white half blue, fourth round red.

Square 62

One white, variegated, blue, red. Square 60

One white, variegated, half red and blue, white. Square 63

One blue, variegated, red, white. Square 61

One blue, variegated half red white, blue. Square 64

Two variegated, red, white, blue. Squares 66 and 67

In between spurts of square joining and crocheting more. I had time to pin out the semi-circle for wet blocking. I left it to dry for two days then removed the pins. It still curves a bit inward but not as badly so the blocking did help.

Pinned semi-circle.

Now to get to adding the “legs”. I have made three different attempts to crochet the legs directly from the semi-circle.
Attempt one: I was just going to join at one end, crochet 26 stitches towards the middle, turn and crochet back to the end in rows. I had about 3 rows done when I decided I didn’t like the look of it. I ripped that back and sat thinking on how to go about it.

My son walked by and said , ” I thought you were going to match up the stripes.” Well that was all it took. I remembered how Tamara Kelly added brims to her Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanies and thought I could do this for my “Legs” so the stripes would match up.
So attempt two was doing this method with single crochet. Well I had done about 8 rows in this manner, I thought is was going to use up too much of the light-colored green. I only have the one skein and it was an unlabeled one from my thrift store yarn haul. I would have no way of replenishing it if I ran out. So I ripped it again.

Attempt Three was using the above method but I used double crochet instead. This seemed to be going alright until I had to start making color changes. It left too many ends to crochet over in one spot, so it was getting to be a bulky mess. The brim method by Tamara probably would work if the semi-circle was all one color, but I had stripes. You guessed it, I ripped for the third time.

I am now on Attempt Four: Crochet Rectangles in the proper stripe pattern then join them to the semi-circle. Which is what I did not want to do, but it turns out it is going to be the method to work.

I am Doing A Lot of Adding


I have joined 4 five-inch squares to the 3rd large square.

I added four more five-inch squares that will be joined to the 3rd large square. I have not joined them to each other or to the large square yet. These will make up the top row when joined to the large square.

I did not feel like joining so a decided to begin the 4th large square.

I think I might add these two rows to this square. I have finished  adding to the row that just has two. I did not take a picture of the other two joined. I will just have to make the four side squares once I get this large square done.

I did manage to get a couple of rows done on the Granny Triangle Shawl. I didn’t get as many done as I wanted because “Squares” took over again.


Also I got side tracked by a project that has nothing to do with crocheting. I decided to make a catalog listing of my movie library on my computer. I have been grabbing a few dvd’s at a time, writing down the information I want to catalog, then transferring that to the computer as a document. Each movie or tv series will have its own document page.

This is what the template looks like.


If it is a tv series I list what seasons I have, how long the series ran, and what channel it aired on after the title.
Release Date:
Company: like 20th Century Fox or MGM
Platform: DVD or Blu-ray
Format: Full Screen or Widescreen
English Subtitled:
Closed Captioned:

I want to know if the DVD disc is Subtitled or Closed Caption because if it is only closed caption I can’t watch it on the Blu-ray. Closed Caption doesn’t come through the HDMI cables. I don’t want to have the tv at full volume just to hear it.

I Am The Fairy Godmother of Yarn!

I Turn Frogs Into WIP’s!


Now that I have the cardigan out-of-the-way, I went back to working on the granny triangle scarf. I had gotten 5 triangles finished. I started to join them to see how that was going to go before I got too far into the project. It is a good thing I did. I realized that the triangles were going to be a bit too small for me to work out the joining pattern I wanted to do. So I frogged them all.

If I decide to give this another go, I will use new yarn not yarn from frogged projects. I will use a bigger hook than the 4.25 mm I used this time. I think I should go with more rows too. The triangle being 4 inches on the long side before I trimmed around the whole, was just too small for joining.

That being said, I decided to use the frogged triangles for the granny squares afghan instead. I decided to make them into another 10 inch square. I should have looked harder in my notebook for the size hook I was using for the squares. I used a 4.25mm hook instead of the 5.00mm hook that I used for all the other squares. Oops, so this one is a bit smaller than the other larger solid granny squares (Tamara Kelly). It turned out to be a cool color combination I decided to leave it as is.

I will figure out how to make it fit in with the rest of the squares. I have seen photos of granny square afghans with several different sized squares, I might have to take to YouTube to see how you go about joining them and still have a square-ish or rectangle-ish afghan.

I also did two small squares with the 4.25mm hook. I think I will join the brown and orange one to this square. The pink one will find a place just not near the new “large” square.

Crocheting these new squares got me in the mood to pull the rest of the squares out of hibernation and do some joining.


I joined these four squares into a nice row.
I was in the process of joining these two that will be joined by two more for another row of four.

I have also frogged the Heart of Pink Simple Triangle Shawl (Sharon Maher). I just took the end and rolled it into a ball.

I decided to do this because I had already made a shawl with this pattern. I wanted to make a shawl using the new-found Granny Triangle ( Jessica from Mama in a Stitch) pattern. It will have the very same color pattern as the Simple Triangle. I decided not to use the variegated or the other colors and make it all shades of pink. The other colors from the Simple Triangle Shawl will go into crocheting more granny squares for the Granny Squares Afghan.
I think the size of the Granny Triangle Shawl will be larger using this pattern even though I will be using most of the same amount of yarn. This is what I have done so far on the Granny Triangle Shawl. When I have used up all the original yarn I will take more photos to compare with the old shawl pictures.

I intend to unravel the pink sock cuff that I had started for my younger brother to add to the Granny Triangle Shawl once the original yarn is used up.

I still plan on making him a pair of socks (Kathy Wesley) , but I think I will get some actual sock yarn for them instead. I am going to need lots and lots of skeins for his size 13 feet. 😀


It’s A TA-DA Tuesday!

My First Body Wearable Is Now Finished Off!


I finished my veranda cardigan. I am pleased with it. I now have a clothing article that is not a hat, scarf, or mittens under my things I have crocheted list. Even though I got the sizing a bit wrong, it all worked out to fit me how I wanted. If I decide to make this again for a sale item or for a gift I have a better understanding of the pattern. I will also probably be able to follow it a little more closer to the letter. I tweaked it quite a bit so it would be easier for me not to make mistakes in my stitch counts. All in all it was a simple and easy pattern for my first attempt at making a proper wearable other than the afore-mentioned articles.

These are some of the tweaks I made:
I used the 111 stitches for the length of the two pieces.
I added a two doubled crochet cluster in conjunction with the double crochet.
I did a rows of double crochet, single crochet, double crochet clusters, single crochets repeat for the row pattern instead of just repeating the rows of double crochet, single crochet.
Once I discovered the small size of 13 rows would not be wide enough I did the large size row count of 17 plus an extra row of single crochet. I did not want to end on a double crochet row.
I did the neck and bottom edging pretty much as written.
I did add a round of single crochet around both the neck and bottom edging, again did not like ending on a round of double crochet. Plus it added a little more pop with the pink around the purple.
I did not edge the arm holes, I felt they were fine as is since I added the extra row of single crochet to the piece. I also felt it would make the arm holes smaller, so it may have fit tighter around my arms.

Some things I learned for next time:
I don’t like to whip stitch things together, so I either single crochet or slip stitch things together.
I used a single crochet for the back seam this left a taller than I wanted seam. I should have gone with the slip stitch so it would lay flatter.
I did slip stitch up the side seams, but I should have paid better attention. If I wear the cardigan with the back seam inside, one of the side seams is on the outside instead of the inside.
LOL! I guess that fits in with my slogan, “Oddly Unique Handmade Crochet”


The Photos and the Stats:
Project Name: My First Cardigan
Pattern Used: Veranda Cardigan
Designed by: Melissa Mall from
Started on: September 18th 2018
Finished on: December 12th 2018
Hook Used: K/10- 6.50 mm
Stitches Used: Slip stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Double Crochet Cluster
Colors Used: Herrshcners
Baby Yarn 100% Acrylic 4ply Acrylic Worsted Weight 8oz/ 224grams 489yds/ 448 m
1012 Ballerina (Pink)
1002 Pansies (Purple)
2001 Fairy Princess (Variegated Pink, Purple, White)
Measurements: 18x 18 inches square when laid flat and closed
Size Made: Small for the length, Large for the width
Weight: 8 1/2 ounces


I did a few photos modeling my new cardigan too. They are not the best photos. It is hard to be the model and the photographer at the same time. 😛