Grandson # 2’s Baby Visor


We are expecting our second grandson in mid May. Since he is going to be born in the late spring I didn’t think he needed beanies just yet. So I made this newborn sized visor for him. He probably won’t wear it very long if he grows as fast as his older brother, Marty did. If he does he can wear all the beanies that Marty out grew. 😀

The Stats for the Baby Visor

Project Name: Browns with Green Stripes Baby Visor
Pattern Used: Baby Visor
Designed by: Tia Davis from Craft Own
Started on: 04/17/2018
Finished on: 04/21/2018
Hook Used: G/6 – 4.25 mm
Stitches Used: Slip Stitch, Single, Half Double and Double Crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart – Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0334 Buff, 0365 Coffee, 0360 Cafe Latte, 0406 Medium Thyme, 3620 Glowworm
Super Saver Jumbo – 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0368 Paddy Green
Measurements: Circumference of 14 inches . Band is 2 1/2 inches wide. Brim is 7 inches long by 2 inches wide
Size Made: 0 – 3 months


A Tale of Two Hats and A Triangle

This is the new hat I made for Martin. I gave it to him when he came over Saturday afternoon( 02/18/2017). Grandma and Grandpa babysat while Mama and Daddy went out for a belated Valentine’s Day date.

I don't have a baby/toddler size foam head. This is why the hat looks so small.
I don’t have a baby/toddler size foam head. This is why the hat looks so small.













The stats for the Newsboy cap.

Project Name: Martin’s Dark Brown Newsboy Cap
Pattern Used: Newsboy Hat Crochet Pattern # LW2375
Designed by: The Double Stitch Twins For Red Heart Yarn
Started on: 02/15/2017
Finished on: 02/17/2017
Hook Used: J/10 – 6.00 mm Pattern called for a I/9-5.50 mm but I crochet tight so I went up a size.
Stitches Used: Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet, and Single Crochet
Colors Used: J.C. Penny Knit and Crochet 100% Acrylic Fiber 4 ply worsted weight in 715 Dark Brown
Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0334 Buff
Measurements: Circumference of 18 inches. Height of 3 inches.
Size Made: Small

I finished the White Summer Visor also. I didn’t finish it on Saturday as I said I would in the WIP’s post. I was too tired to do my crocheting that night as Martin tired out his Grandma. I finished it up on Sunday. 😀












The final stats for the White Summer Visor.

Project Name: White Summer Visor with Red and Blue Stripes
Pattern Used: Summer Visor
Designed by: Tia Davis from
Started on: 02/17/2017
Finished on: 02/19/2017
Hook Used: H/8 – 5.00 mm
Stitches Used: Half Double crochet, Double crochet, Single crochet and slip stitch
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted wieght in 0311 White, 0319 Cherry Red, 0387 Soft Navy
Measurements: Circumference of 20 inches . Band withd measures 3 inches when laid flat. Brim is 13 inches long by 3 inches wide.
Size Made: Adult

I was also able to add some more rows to the triangle shawl. I took some new photos so as to compare with the last ones.

Pattern Used: Simple Triangle Shawl By: Sharon Maher from Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs

The top side measures 58 inches.So all in all I have added almost 5 inches to each side.I am now out of scrap balls again. I was thinking it may be big enough now. I was thinking to single crochet one or two rows across the top and one row of single crochet along the sides. Then add some type of border to the sides then add fringe. I have left over fringe from all the scarves I have made, I always cut to many. 😀

So what do you think should I trim it up now or add some more rows when I get some more scraps?



Two Strand Rainbow Hat

I thought I could use another hat. I have been wanting to use this pattern so I finally did. I thought it would be great to put a little brightness into these dreary winter days.













Project Name: Two Strand Rainbow Hat
Pattern Used: Rainbow Hat Pattern # 14
“24 Hours Crochet Hacks: 25 Fast and Easy Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners” Locations 642 – 689
by Emily Rohan Copyright 2015
Started on: 12/11/2016
Finished on: 12/14/2016
Hook Used: J/10 – 6.00 mm
Stitches Used: Double Crochet and Single Crochet
I added an extra round of double crochet before the starting single crochet round for the brim.
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0319 Cherry Red
Red Heart Super Saver in 0390 Red Hot, 0254 Pumpkin, 0324 Bright Yellow, 0322 Pale Yellow, 0368 Paddy Green, 633 Dark Sage, 0886 Blue
Red Heart Wintuk 100% Virgin Orlon Acrylic Fiber Knit and Crochet Yarn in 814 Robin Blue
Red Heart Super Saver in 3972 Mulberry Mix
Unlabeled Skein of Purple Blue Variegated
Red Heart accent 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0779 Cranberry
Unlabeled Ball of Pink
Red Heart Jumbo in 0311 White
Lion Brand Wool Ease 78% Acrylic 19% wool 3 ply sport weight in 301 Multi White
Measurements: Circumference of 20inches . Crown to edge measures 9 inches when laid flat.
Size Made: Adult

In The Round Clutch Pattern Tutorial Part 3: The Liner

Well earlier this week I was able to find the right frame of mind to get the sewing machine set up. So with out further ado here is the liner tutorial and the finished Bon bon Print Clutch Bag.












As you may recall this is the fabric I chose to use for the lining. I purchased it at my favorite thrift shop, The Senior Citizens’ Garage Sale. It is actually a cloth napkin. I got a set of 4 for a dollar. I thought they were the perfect size to make a  bag lining. I still have 3 so if I ever get around to making a bag that size I have the fabric.












First I had to iron out a few wrinkles.












Then I folded the end of the fabric up to about the size of the bag.












I laid the bag on top of the fabric to make any adjustments to the fold.












I placed my seam gauge beside the bag to provide a straight edge to draw a line on the fabric to indicate where I would pin the fabric.












I have drawn the line Do Not Cross it. 🙂












I have sewn up the open side of fabric and inside the line on the other side.

I have cut off the excess fabric from the side.

Now I fit the liner over the end of the bag. I turn it inside out over the bag so now the seams of the lining are inside against the bag.












Now we have to take care of the extra fabric at the top. I folded it in so it is just inside the black trim of the flap and pinned it in place.












I then sewed it and removed the pins.












I still have all the extra fabric at the top. I folded it down so it was just below the button hole

. You don’t want to cover up the button hole.












I cut most of the excess off. I still wanted a bit to fold under for a nice edge.












The top and sides of fabric are now all sewn in place on the flap.

Now I have turned the bag over so that I can secure the lining to the opening of the bag. I pulled the lining down so that it was just under the bag’s top round.












You can choose to sew this part by hand. I chose to use my machine because it is faster and sews in an even straight line, by hand I am all over the place. 🙂  This part was a bit tricky, the fabric was actually face down on my machine so I was sewing blind and I had to sew in a circle with the rest of the bag above the needle. As you can see I nearly missed a spot on the right side, but liner is now secured to the bag.

Now I turn the bag inside in. So now the liner is in the inside where it should be.












Now is the time for me to sew on that dark pink button with some blue thread, keeping in line with the color theme of the yarn.












TA DA!! all finished.

Project Name: Bon Bon Print Clutch Bag
Pattern Used: In the Round Clutch
Designed by Arlene K. Didier from Skrappy Skarves
Started on: 11/4/2016
Finished on: 12/2/2016
Hook Used: F/5 – 3.75
Stitches Used: Double crochet, Double Crochet Back Loop only, Single Crochet and Slip Stitch
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0784 Bon Bon Print
Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0312 Black
Other Materials: 1 inch diameter Button and Small Piece of Light Blue Fabric
Measurements: Open – 8 inches by 7 inches wide Closed – 5 inches by 7 inches wide Flap – 3 inches by 7 inches
List Price: $ 8.00


















In The Round Clutch Pattern Part 1: The Free Written Pattern

I decided to make this a 3 part series of posts. It would be super, super, super long otherwise.

Part One will consist of the written pattern, Part Two will be the photo tutorial for the crocheted clutch and Part Three will be a photo tutorial of the making of the lining and sewing it to the crocheted clutch.

In The Round Clutch Pattern

Designed by Arlene K. Didier from Skrappy Skarves

You may copy/paste and print this pattern for your personal use. I ask that you not repost this pattern in part or in whole or use my photos. If you make an item with the pattern and post about it on your site please use photos of your own item not my photos, also be kind and link back to this post  🙂

You may also sell any item you make, if you sell it online, again I ask that you link back to my post and use your own photos of your item.  I thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 🙂

Now that all the formalities are out-of-the-way, I think this pattern will be  great for stash raiding. You can do it in solid colors, alternate between a couple of colors for a striped look, or a nice variegated which is what I chose to use. Now go raid that stash!

You will need the following Materials:

Hook Size: F/5 – 3.75 mm
Any 4 ply worsted weight in the color of your choosing and a contrasting color for trim.
3/4 inch to 1 inch diameter button
Sewing needle and thread
Tapestry needle
Two Stitch Markers of different colors
Optional: Small Piece of fabric for lining the clutch bag.


Sc = single crochet
Dc = double crochet
Rnd= Round

Chain 25
Rnd 1: Dc in 2nd chain from hook. Place stitch marker in top of this Dc. Double crochet across in each chain, place 5dc in last stitch of chain, place a stitch marker in 3rd dc of the 5dc. Turn work, you will now work back along the bottom side of your foundation chain. Double crochet across back to beginning dc, place 5dc in dc that has the stitch marker. Replace this stitch marker in the 3rd dc of this 5dc.
Rnd 2: Dc to next stitch marker,place 5dc in stitch with marker, dc in each stitch around to beginning stitch marker. Place 5dc in stitch with marker. Place the stitch marker in the 3rd dc of this 5dc. Second stitch marker is no longer needed you may remove it now.
Rnd 3: Dc crochet around, slip stitch in top of dc with stitch marker chain 2, move stitch marker up.
Rnd 4: Dc in back loop only around slip stitch to join, chain 2.
Rnd 5: Dc around slip stitch to join,chain 2.
Rnds 6 – 10: Repeat round 5.
From this point you will begin working in Rows.
Row 11: Dc in the next 30 stitches. Chain 2, Turn. – 30 stitches Place stitch marker in beginning of this row. So you can refer back to it for trimming.
Row 12: Dc in each stitch across, Chain 2, Turn. – 30 stitches
Row 13 – 16: Repeat Row 12.
Fasten off, weave in ends.
Trimming the Flap and Forming the Button Loop.
Starting at the bottom right (short side of the flap) of Row 11. Insert hook, with contrasting color yarn, evenly space Sc up to the corner, loosely place 3 sc in the corner stitch, this helps prevent the corner from curling up so much. Turn your work so you are now working across the long side of flap.
Sc in the next 12 stitches. Chain 4, skip the next four stitches, Sc crochet in the fifth stitch, (This forms your button loop) continue to Sc across to next corner, loosely place 3 stitches in corner stitch, this helps prevent the corner from curling up so much. Turn your work so that you are now working in the other short side of flap.
Evenly space Sc down the short side of the flap down to Row 11. Turn, slip stitch back up the short side of flap. Sc crochet in corner stitch. Turn work so you are now working across long side of flap.
Single crochet across each stitch, sc in the chain 4, sc across to next corner stitch. Sc in corner stitch.
Turn your work so you are now working in the other short side of flap.
Slip stitch down to Row 11.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

This is where you decide if you want to add the lining or not. The button will be sewn to the body of the clutch so it will line up with the button loop when the flap is down. If you chose not to line your clutch just sew on the button and you are done!

I have these four different colored buttons.







I am going to line my clutch so I will not sew on my button yet. I took photos of each color just resting on the flap so you could see.

No matter how I tried to adjust the lighting the pink buttons look about the same color in the photos. That is why the pink button photos are close up. I was having a hard time deciding which color to use. I asked Nick which one he liked as he is a very artistic person too. We both decided the dark pink one looked the best, so I will be using that one.

This concludes Part 1:The Free Written Pattern of the In The Round Clutch Pattern

Part 2: The photo tutorial will be posted soon. I was going to post the free written pattern  and the photo tutorial altogether today. I found mistakes on three photos, so I have to redo them. That is another reason I decided to break it up into 3 parts. I just did not feel like tackling the redo today. 😛