Martin’s Jack ‘O Lantern Blanket Is Now Completed


This is the front of the blanket. Isn’t it a a happy Jack O’ lantern?


This is the back of the blanket. I left a border of the crochet piece showing. I sewed up and down and side to side also so that the fleece would not be sliding around. It gives it a nice quilted look and feel. My daughter was pleased with the results and so was I.

When I walked in carrying it, Martin was right there grabbing at it. I guess it meets his approval too. šŸ™‚

I know it was suppose to be his birthday present, but Grandma couldn’t wait 3 more weeks to give it to him. I gave it to him the day after I finished it.

Here are the stats for the blanket.

I used Bella Coco’s Granny Square video because I couldn’t figure out the written directions in the Double Diamond pattern. Yes, visuals help me a lot.

Project Name: Martin’s Jack O’ Lantern Blanket
Pattern Used: Double Diamond Baby Blanket by Bernat
How to Crochet a Solid Granny Square For Beginners YouTube Tutorial Video by Bella CoCo
Started on: 4 / 3 / 2016
Finished on: 9 / 20 / 2016
Hook Used: H/8 – 5.00 mm
Stitches Used: Single crochet and Double crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Wintuk 100% Virgin Orlon Acrylic Fiber 4 ply handknitting in 255 Burnt Orange
Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0312 Black and 0368 Paddy Green
Other Materials used : Grey Fleece Material and pinkish orange, and brown sewing thread.
Measurements: 36 inches long by 28 inches wide.


Two New Hats for Martin

Martin has been growing like a weed. I can’t believe he will be a year old next month. The time has just flown by.

He has out grown all his hats that I have made for him. I even made some that were 18 months to two-year sizes and they don’t fit. His heart hats and shamrock hat probably would still fit if I had not done the trim with two strands held together. I have a tighter grip when I crochet with two strands and that tends to make the edge not stretchy. I will have to get them and try to remedy that for him. In case you forgot what these hats looked like here they are again. The pattern for the heart hats is Bubblegum Heart Beanie or Emy’s Beanie by Amanda Evanson from MNE Crafts. At the time I made the blue heart hat I could not get the hang of how to do front post double crochet, so I just did it in double crochet, it made a very nice slouchie hat. The shamrock hat is also by Amanda Evanson

So with cooler temps and winter probably not far off. I made him two new hats in short order. They are both 3 year plus sizes pattern. I didn’t have time to borrow my son’s camera to take photos before giving Martin his hats.

The first hat was a Quick and Easy Chevron Hat by Kayla Scharmar from Pins’s Needles. I had done one in an adult version earlier. It was a very stretchy pattern so that is why I chose it for one of his new hats. Maybe, just maybe he will actually be able to wear it for a couple of years. I chose the colors 0971 Camouflage and 0254 PumpkinĀ  both are Red Heart Super Saver 100% acrylic 4 ply worsted weight yarn. The finished measurements were a circumference of 17 inches and a crown to edge measurement of 6 1/2 inches.


The second hat was an ear flap hat. I chose this pattern by Amy Lehman of Crochet Jewel, because every kid should have at least one ear flap hat at some point. I have also used this pattern for an adult version. I used the colors 0387 Soft Navy and 0311 White both are Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight yarn. I did not get measurements of it. I finished crocheting it while I was fishing. My son-in-law stopped to see how the fishing was going so I gave it to him to take home. Update: Marty was wearing this when he came to Grandma’s house on Saturday(9-24-2016), so I was able to get some photos.


Update on Martin’s Jack O’Lantern Afghan

I have been making squares here and there. I get bored with it so I will make some other quick project then go back to making squares. I have gotten all the black ones done. Now I am down to making just orange ones. I have 11 finished and half of one still on the hook.

I also decided to slip stitch the squares together through back loop on one square and front loop on the other, with the right sides facing. I joined two of the black squares together to see how it looked. I will continue once I get all the squares done.

I laid what I have done so far out on the bed with the piece of grey fleece that will be the backing for the afghan. I think it is coming together nicely.