Fixing, Packing, Frogging and New Crochet Projects


I figured out how to get rid of the cone shape in the crown of the hippie beanie. I studied the pattern closely and saw that the first three rounds were all the same number of stitches/groups. The fourth round was the first one that actually increased the number of stitches/groups. Usually in making beanies you increase each round until about the 5th or sixth round most of which will contain 60 stitches. So I just did the 4th round instructions after the 2nd round then did the instructions for round 3.Then followed the rounds in order as written.

There was also a bit of a problem with the beanie being kinda loose at the edge. The beanie was not staying snug to the head. So to remedy that I only did 1 chain between the two double crochet groups instead of 2 as instructed, starting with round 9. I implemented both fixes crocheting this pink and white hippie beanie.


I continue to package and label my crochet projects. I have 57 projects packaged so far.

This is a small portion of the packaged projects.

I have been sending them through the dryer with a dryer sheet to freshen them up, because they have been stored for a while in my big pink storage bin.This has been working well until I pulled the Mushroom v-stitch beanie out of the dryer. It had started to unravel at the top of the crown.  It was one of the older things I had crocheted so I was not too surprised. It just showed my skills and knowledge about joining new colors has improved in the last 3 years. I decided not to try to fix it but to frog it instead.



I had a solid granny square started, I was going to make it large enough to cover my queen bed.  I was going to add the mushroom beanie yarn to the solid granny square. Then I decided I would rather frog the square too and use all the yarn in the other simple triangle shawl that I started at the beginning of this year.


In between the packaging and frogging I finished this dark orchid skull-cap. I am going to start another one in orchid using the same variegated yarn for the stripe. It will make a good project for this rainy day (Sunday August 19th).  😀

The stats for this beanie can be seen on the Projects page.





The Long and The Short Of It

I have finished the Coffee Striped Scarf, as I said before I probably would not make it the suggested length. I did not even make it the proper width because I stitch tightly. The measurements on the pattern were 8 1/2 inches wide x 72 inches long. I did not have 2 skeins of the striping yarn so I used solid colors from the brown and tan family too. I started with five rows of a solid tan color. I then crocheted 10 rows alternating between the striping yarn and a solid color. Once I used all my brown and tans I repeated the pattern back to the 5 rows of the light tan. I thought this would get me a little bit over 60 inches. When I got it all finished I single crocheted around the whole scarf with a dark brown. I layed it out on the living room floor. I had to use David’s 100 ft tape measure, because I know it was over 60 inches so my sewing tape measure was too short. The final measurements were 7 inches wide x 67 1/2 inches long. It was longer than I thought it would be but shorter then what the pattern called for.


I did not use up all the striping yarn so I decided to make a matching hat. I improvised it. I used v-stitch and 3 double crochet clusters. It took me a couple of ripped back rounds to figure out how many increasing rounds I would need to make the hat fit on my styrofoam head.

Round 1: I started with a magic circle and 11 double crochet. with bone yarn.
Round 2: double crochet in each stitch around , slip stitched to joined, chained 3.
Round 3: 1 double crochet in next stitch, 2 dc in next stitch repeat around. sl st joined, chained 3. changed to Coffee yarn at end of round.
Round 4: 3 dc in next stitch skip two stitches, 2 v- stitches in stitch, skip 2 stitches 3 dc in next stitch. It is like doing an increase round but using a 3dc cluster and v- stitches.
Round 5: Cluster stitch in v-stitch of previous round and v- stitch in 2nd double crochet of the cluster stitch of previous round. I had two cluster stitches then a v- stitch repeated around, sl st joined, chained 3.
Round 6: I repeated round 5. Changed to Cafe Latte at end of round.
Round 7: I needed to increase this round, so I did three clusters, then 2 v-stitches in the same stitch repeated around sl st, joined, chained 3.
Round 8: I 3dc cluster stitched in the v-stitch of the previous round and v-stitched in the clusters of the previous round, around. sl st, joined chained 3. So I had 2 clusters , 3 v-stitches repeating around.
Round 9: I needed to increase this round. I did four 3dc clusters, then 2 v-stitches in same stitch, repeated around. st st, joined , chained 3. Changed to Latte Striping yarn at end of round.
Round 10 : I v-stitched, 2nd dc of 3dc cluster stitched around. sl st, joined, chained 3.
Round 11: I 3dc in v-stitch of previous round. v- stitched in 2nd dc of 3dc cluster of previous round. sl st, joined, chained 3.
I repeated rounds 10 and 11 until I ran out of striping yarn then I did 2 rounds of single crochet in Buff to make a nice edge.

A WIP, A Hippie Beanie and a Frog

Well it is Wednesday again and I am posting about a wip. Yep, definitely something wrong.

I have made good progress on the Coffee Stripe Scarf. I would say I am about half way done. I don’t think I will  make it the 72 inches as called for in the pattern. I think I will stop at 60 or a little more. I have finished the row of bone that you see here, added another row of the coffee stripe, and just started a row of solid coffee.

I started and finished a hippie beanie for my daughter. She liked Martin’s Hippie Beanie so I made her one too. I think I might make one for myself too. I also might do some adjustments to the pattern. The crown on both previous hats have had a cone like top for the first five rounds then it rounds out like a usual beanie. I will try to figure it out.

Project Name: Kay’s Hippie Beanie

Pattern Used: Pattern # 20 Hippie Beanie from
“24 Hours Crochet Hacks: 25 Fast and Easy Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners”
By Emily Rohan Copyright 2015
Started on: 07/17/2018
Finished on: 07/22/2018
Hook Used: E/4- 3.50 mm
Stitches Used: Slip Stitch, Single and Double Crochet
Colors Used: Herrshcners Afghan Yarn 100% Acrylic 2 ply Fine Weight in 0112 Seascape and 0069 Grape Frost
Measurements: Circumference of 22 inches . Crown to edge measures 7 inches when laid flat.
Weight: 7/8 ounces

Moving on to the frog. The yarn used was even green. lol

I found a pattern to make a hat like the one’s worn by Mario in the popular Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers. I followed the pattern to the letter. I counted my stitches carefully. I used stitch markers to mark the start of the repeat this step four times around type of instructions. I got it all finished and it did not look like a Mario hat to me at all. So I ripped the whole thing out. I will study up on the pattern some more. It suggests that you keep your stitches tight and use stiffer yarns. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Paddy Green. It was soft and pretty loose. I did try to keep my stitches as tight as I could though. We will see I may give it another go.

I also picked up the second sock and did three rows of the cuff.


My Orchid Variegated Is Now A Set

I Did Make A Hat to Match My Warmers

I did decide to make a hat that would match my warmers. I wanted to try a new pattern. So I used the one that was on the label of the most recent Red Heart Yarns I purchased. It used some Front Post Double crochet, which is a stitch I have learned to love. I had lots of trouble with this stitch before the light bulb turned on (after watching several Youtube videos) and I finally got it. Now that I do got it, I don’t understand why I had so much trouble with it( I guess I needed the visual aids). Knowing how to do the front post made learning the back post double crochet easier. I was not confused at all. This was the first pattern I have done using this stitch. Here is the hat and its stats.

Project Name: My Orchid Variegated Set – Hat

Pattern Used: Red Heart # LW4647 Ridged Crochet Hat

Designed by: Becky Barker
Started on: 07/11/2018
Finished on: 07/13/2018
Hook Used: J/10- 6.00 mm
Stitches Used: Double crochet, Front Post Double crochet, Back post Double crochet and single crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight 0530 Orchid and 0776 Dark Orchid
Unlabeled – Purple, blue, green, orange, brown, and maroon variegated
Measurements: Circumference of 20 inches . Crown to edge measures 7 1/2 inches when laid flat.
Size Made: Large
Weight: 2 1/8 ounces

Here are a few photos of me modeling my new hat.

I still do not feel like going back to working on the Coffee Stripe Scarf yet.So I started a new beanie for Marty. He likes to wear his chevron beanie I made him to help keep his hair out of his eyes and mouth while he is eating. He doesn’t want Mama to cut it when she asks if she can. So he wears the hat. She said she would like something a little more light weight since it is summer.

I had two patterns that I thought would work to accomplish this. I am using some of my white fingering yarn. I looked at the first pattern it seemed too open. So I checked the second choice. Ok, this one is more to my liking. It is open but the holes are not as big.

I found it in my Kindle Ebook titled “24 Hours Crochet Hacks: 25 Fast and Easy Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners” Pattern # 20 Hippie Beanie
By Emily Rohan Copyright 2013

The pattern calls for a D sized hook. I could not find mine, so I went up to the E/4-3.50 mm hook. Probably a good idea any way Marty has a big head for his age. I am ready to start Round 7 on it. W

When I get the beanie done I think I will give baby Connor’s Sandals another try. I am going to use a bigger hook and at more rounds to the sole before I start building up the sides. I don’t think I will change much on how I did the heels. The ties will also be much longer.

When those are completed maybe just maybe I will go back to the Coffee Stripe Scarf.


Wet Wednesday WIP’s

Baby Blanket Set Back and Moving Forward

I have been working alot on the baby blanket.

Last week I posted my progress with these photos.


Later that day I picked it up again, I was crocheting away when I noticed that my stitches seemed really loose and the edges were growing. I counted my stitches and found I now had 125 instead of the 123 I was suppose to have. Well, ok that explained the edges growing and starting to look like the top of a tornado funnel. However it did not explain the looseness. I just happened to glance down at my hook, it looked bigger and now that I thought about it, it also felt bigger. I checked the size it was my K/ 10 1/2- 6.50 mm hook, not my J/10 – 6.00 mm hook. It was no wonder my stitches were loose.
So at some point I had grabbed the larger hook. I can understand how I made the mistake. Let me show you. First off, I have been storing my hooks in this cute heart hot coco mug while I wait to finish lining my new hook case. I have the cup sitting on my night stand.

The red arrow is pointing out my J and K hooks. They look very similar in color. If I do just a quick glance grabbing one of them in the dimmer light of my bedside table lamp.

Even side by side in sunlight they look similar.


So I ripped the blanket back to the row the red arrow is pointing to.


I now make sure that I do in fact have the J hook in my hot little hand before continuing again.
I have now gotten back to were I noticed the my mistake. It no longer looks like a tornado funnel and it still measures 13 inches at this point.


This is the progress as of last night. I took the photos this morning.

Just a small set back but onward and upward as the saying goes.

On another note, I have not worked on the brushed yarn in rust beanie since last week. I must really enjoy working on this blanket even with the set back to leave a beanie sit for a whole week. 😀