Throw Back Thursday # 8 A New Beanie for Me

Posted May 13th 2015


This is the beanie hat I created for myself. It is double crochet at the crown, raspberry stitch is what it was called in the stitch book I got it from or some people might call it a popcorn stitch for the sides, and the band around my forehead is single crochet. The last row of single crochet, I single crocheted 3sc in one stitch then sc in the next 3 stitches and repeated to end of round. I used a K or 6.50 mm hook. The yarn is #4 worsted. The colors are a strand of variegated purple (this was a unlabled ball I got from a second-hand store) and a sparkle white(Lion Brand Wool Ease) strand crocheted together.

This is the free Kindle book I got the Raspberry stitch from: (2014-02-10). 8 Different Crochet Stitches: Learn to Crochet Something New with Crochet Patterns (Kindle Locations 171-173). Prime Publishing LLC. Kindle Edition. Raspberry Crochet Stitch By: Candy Lifshes from Meladora’s Creations

The single crochet 3 in one stitch was the finishing from My granny square beanie. The pattern for the granny square beanie was in this Downloaded PDF book I found on
14 Free Crochet Hat Patterns: Crochet Beanie Hats, Crochet Cap Patterns & More
Rainbow Beanie By: Revlie Schuit from REVolution

Update 01-17-2019: I added the links for the Raspberry stitch and the Rainbow Beanie. They were not in the original post.


Throw Back Thursdays # 4

I Have Been Crocheting Hats
Posted on February 21st 2015


Well I was getting frustrated with that scarf again. It just keeps wanting me to continually pull out rows! So I made a couple more coin/ cell phone pouches. I finished those rather quickly.

I have been wanting to try to make something by using in the round crochet instead of rows. I had some written patterns from several different sources,but they confused me. I wanted just a simple beanie hat to start with. I learn better if I see the actual thing being done. So I decided I would check out Youtube.

I found this video about  crocheting a double crochet beanie by Kris Hopper.

She was very easy for me to follow along. This is my first beanie I made after watching her video. I added the little flap of yellow myself because it didn’t cover my ears, but I didn’t want it coming down over my eyes. I hate getting ear aches. My ears are sensitive to these cold Nebraska winds.

Well that turned out ok for my first attempt and I even added my own little flap to it. In looking it over I realized I missed a few steps so I went back and reviewed the video a couple of times. So with my confidence boosted I set out to make another hat. On this one when I got to the rounds that would make up the sides of the hat I didn’t use the double crochet stitch I used a single double alternating on same row stitch and I used some Mexicana rainbow variegated yarn for 4 rounds. I then switched back to the solid tan color for the last 3 rows. I still had both colors attached to the piece so I added an extra row of single crochet using both strands of yarn. I think it turned out pretty. I liked it so much that I went straight on to another one using a solid peach color and Confetti rainbow variegated color I like this one too. I will be putting these two on Ebay in March.


Well now my hat making juices are really flowing. I want to try something a little tiny bit harder. I go looking through hat patterns on several websites. I come across this hat pattern on All Free Crochet, Fast and Easy Crocheted Summer Hat with Brim designed by Cloudy Crochet.

It took me a couple of days to do this one. You use a 3.75 mm hook so very tiny work. I used the color Bone for my main color and pink camo for the “hat band” and the little flower. The flower was an add-on by me. The hat looked plain even with the pink camo band so I made my first attempt at making a flower. I pulled it out about 3 times until I got it to look right. That is my next video lesson, to find how to make flowers. It was not the best flower, but it worked for me. I sewed it on slightly to the left front of my hat with a little flower bead button to jazz it up.

I wore my hat when we went to town this morning even though it is a summer hat it kept the Nebraska winter wind from my ears. While we were shopping in Dollar General a lady costumer said that she liked my hat. I told her that I made it myself. She replied, ” Oh, it is beautiful!” That made me feel happy.

I got so many ideas going through my head I don’t know which one to do first. I want to make some tote bags. I have found a nice simple pattern to try. I also want to try some slippers. Maybe some mittens after I get use to doing rounds better.

End of 2018, Time to Reorganize and Unravel

I spent the first day of December reorganizing my Project Sheets on my computer. I had them organized by what type of project they were. I had a clothing folder then that had sub folders for hats, scarves, items for the hands or feet, and items that go on the body, like shawls or cardigans.

I decided that I wanted to organize everything by the year they were made instead. So now I have a folder called For Sale Items with sub folders for each year a project was completed. I have a folder for the SOLD items also with year sub folders. A folder for my personal items, gift items for other people, and now a folder for FROGGED items. I did not give my personal items, the gift items folders or the frogged folder any year sub folders. I did not feel it necessary to know that for these items.

The FROGGED folder is going to get a lot more entries this month. I decided to continue clearing out my inventory of poor quality crochet items. I have several items set a side most of which are from 2015. That  was my first year of getting back into crochet so hence the poor quality.

So after spending all day at the computer organizing, I spent the evening hours unraveling items. The first item was this Cream Mexicana Shells with Large Floppy Brim Hat.

 I thought the unraveling was going well until I got into the shell part of the pattern. The rainbow section came out ok, but when I got into the cream-colored yarn it was horrible. The yarn was all fuzzy and shell stitch just does not unravel, you have to pick and pull, unwind and untwist it. I got so frustrated I tried cutting the shell portion off trying to save the crown but that didn’t work either. Needless to say I was only able to save the brim and the rainbow yarn, the shells and crown went into the trash bin. I will use the saved yarn for granny squares.

The next item was the first beanie I crocheted.

This beanie unraveled quite well so I was able to save all the yarn. I will be reusing it to make more granny squares. Well by the time I finished unraveling this beanie I was ready for bed. The floppy brim hat was just too tasking it had given me a headache.

So today I plan to continue my unraveling all cozy in my bed under the blankets whilst the snow piles up outside. Now if we only had some hot cocoa…

Connor’s Blanket Border Beanie

After I got Connor’s Blanket all finished I decided to make him a matching hat. I also have the pattern Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanie by Tamara Kelly from Moogly.

After I got the crown section and the beginning round of the leaping stripes and blocks pattern finished, since I was changing colors every round, I just repeated round 8 of the pattern until I got the required 16 rounds. I then did two rounds of single crochet to get the other 2 colors used in the blanket but not the border into the beanie.

I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

Project Name: Connor’s Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket Border Beanie

Pattern Used: Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanie

Designed by: Tamara Kelly from Moogly
Started on: 11/16/2018
Finished on: 11/18/2018
Hook Used: J/10 – 6.00 mm
Stitches Used: Double Crochet and Single Crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0365 Coffee, 0360 Cafe Latte, 0334 Buff 0368 Paddy Green, 0406 Medium Thyme, 3620 Glowworm, 3862 Jade, and 0971 Camouflage
Measurements: Circumference of 16 inches . Crown to edge measures 7 inches when laid flat.
Size Made: Toddler (16 inches – 18 inches)

Fixing, Packing, Frogging and New Crochet Projects


I figured out how to get rid of the cone shape in the crown of the hippie beanie. I studied the pattern closely and saw that the first three rounds were all the same number of stitches/groups. The fourth round was the first one that actually increased the number of stitches/groups. Usually in making beanies you increase each round until about the 5th or sixth round most of which will contain 60 stitches. So I just did the 4th round instructions after the 2nd round then did the instructions for round 3.Then followed the rounds in order as written.

There was also a bit of a problem with the beanie being kinda loose at the edge. The beanie was not staying snug to the head. So to remedy that I only did 1 chain between the two double crochet groups instead of 2 as instructed, starting with round 9. I implemented both fixes crocheting this pink and white hippie beanie.


I continue to package and label my crochet projects. I have 57 projects packaged so far.

This is a small portion of the packaged projects.

I have been sending them through the dryer with a dryer sheet to freshen them up, because they have been stored for a while in my big pink storage bin.This has been working well until I pulled the Mushroom v-stitch beanie out of the dryer. It had started to unravel at the top of the crown.  It was one of the older things I had crocheted so I was not too surprised. It just showed my skills and knowledge about joining new colors has improved in the last 3 years. I decided not to try to fix it but to frog it instead.



I had a solid granny square started, I was going to make it large enough to cover my queen bed.  I was going to add the mushroom beanie yarn to the solid granny square. Then I decided I would rather frog the square too and use all the yarn in the other simple triangle shawl that I started at the beginning of this year.


In between the packaging and frogging I finished this dark orchid skull-cap. I am going to start another one in orchid using the same variegated yarn for the stripe. It will make a good project for this rainy day (Sunday August 19th).  😀

The stats for this beanie can be seen on the Projects page.