I Have Hired a New Model.

I have not fired adult styrofoam head, her job is secure.

I was over visiting The Wee House of Crochet complimenting on one of her toddler hats. She told me that she had just ordered baby and toddler mannequin heads for displaying hats and help with sizing her hats. This reminded me that I was going to get one of my childhood dolls out of my keepsake bin for just that purpose. I was sure that she had a head circumference of 14 inches which corresponds with newborn size in most crochet hat sizing charts.
I received this doll from a couple that had taken a shine to me. They were our neighbors when we lived in Glasgow, Montana in 1972. She was a second-hand doll but she still worked. When she was new she came with a phone that she “held” in her hand. You pushed a button on her hand that made her talk. She would say one of 11 different phrases as if she were talking to you over the phone. She was sold back in 1971 by the Mattel Toy Company as “Hi, Dottie”. I don’t think she had the phone, just the hand set when they gave her to me. I can’t remember if she had shoes at that time.
So Saturday afternoon I got her out of my keepsake bin. She needed a bit of cleaning, her hair need a wash and a comb. So without further ado, I would like you to meet Dottie my new model for baby hats.


This is her original dress.
Her left eye is faded and that might be a pen stain on her cheek. We will say it is her beauty mark. 🙂
Full standing view.
I laid her down to measure her. Those are also her original underwear.
She is 17 inches tall.
I was pretty close on her head circumference. It is actually 13 and a half inches. So if the hat is a little big it should be fine for a newborn.

Here are a few photos of her doing her modeling.



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It Was Brought to My Attention That I Have an Expired Domain Link for A Pattern

UPDATE! 02/25/2017

I checked on the website today just out of curiosity, She is back!!!


The blog site where I got my Heart graph and Shamrock graph beanie patterns has let her domain expire. The site was MNEcrafts.com. by Amanda Nicole.

I was checking my email for skrappy skarves this morning, a blogger was having trouble accessing the Heart graph beanie pattern link on MNEcrafts.com. I went to skrappy skarves blog and clicked on the link too. You know sometimes it might just be a glitch for the day or something. I also recieved the “This Domain Name Has Expired” message link. This means that the person who had the website did not pay to renew to keep the domain. I had no idea about this. I am sad that she did not chose to renew, But you never know what may be going on in a fellow bloggers personal life and they may have not been able to continue to keep their site open. I do know that she had not posted new things for a very long time. I believe the last posts were in late 2015. So I am not too surprised by this. Her post on her FB page and Ravelry are also this old with no new things. I do hope that she is ok and life just got to busy for her to continue these accounts.

I am sorry for the inconvenince this may cause anyone wanting to use these patterns.