Thinking Outside the Sewing Box

I thought it would be some time before I got back to my upcycle project bag. I was at the point were I needed to sew the fabric pocket together and then sew the granny square to that. As you may know my sewing machine threw its belt.(the belt broke) So I did not want to do this all by hand. I was under the impression that it would be a looong time before I could replace the belt.

On Monday (July 16th) Nick (my son) and I were wandering around Wal-Mart enjoying the A/C. We often wander down the clearance row. Just as we were leaving the end of the row, I look down at the shelf in front of me and see a section of vacuum cleaner belts on clearance for a dollar. I looked through them and found these that were very similar to my sewing machine’s belt. So I went ahead and purchased them.

The vacuum belt is thicker and just slightly smaller around. I was able to get it onto the machine though. I had to use a pencil to squeeze it past the bobbin winder wheel to get around the actual machine wheel.

I then had to loosen the motor mount to slide it towards the top of the machine so I could get the belt around that wheel. I slid the belt on then moved the motor back down so it was just snug. I tightened the mount back down. Whoo Hooo!!! I was back in business!

I did not have to search the internet, send in for an order, and wait for it to arrive in mail. I just had to wander down Wal-Mart’s Clearance row. And It only cost a dollar for a package of 2. So now I have a back up.

Now I had no reason to put off sewing up the Granny Square pocket for my upcycle project bag. I will still have to sew the pocket onto the bag by hand but that is ok. I was going to anyway. 😀

Front of pocket.

I may have to hold off sewing the granny rectangle pocket as I was sewing the square the machine was making terrible squealing noises. I thought it was the needle rubbing the presser foot so I readjusted it. Not it, still squealing. I mentioned the squeal to David, he said maybe it needs oiled. I agreed with that and checked my little instruction pamphlet. Sure enough it had a page showing where to place oil but only use sewing machine oil. I don’t have any. 🙂 OMG! I have had this machine for nearly 30 years and have never oiled it. I think it might be due.

It is probably a good thing my sewing projects or few and far between. I wonder if I wander down the clearance row at Wal-Mart next week if they will have some. 😛


A Summer Beanie for Martin


My grandson Marty was in need of a new beanie. His hair has grown out, so it gets in the way when he is eating. He gets very upset by it. His Mama asks him if he wants his hair cut, but he says no. So Mama puts on his chevron beanie to keep his hair away from his mouth while he eats. It is summer now and he gets a bit hot wearing his beanie. So his Mama suggested I make him a summery type beanie.

I had some sport weight yarn just sitting around so I would use it to make a light summer beanie.I had two different patterns in mind that I could use. I checked the first one but I thought this one’s holes were too big. The next pattern was just what I had in mind. It fit the bill.


Project Name: Martin’s Hippie Beanie
Pattern Used:Pattern # 20 Hippie Beanie from
“24 Hours Crochet Hacks: 25 Fast and Easy Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners”
By Emily Rohan Copyright 2015
Started on: 07/13/2018
Finished on: 07/16/2018
Hook Used: E/4 – 3.50 mm
Stitches Used: Single , Double, Slip Stitch
Colors Used: Red Heart Sport Weight 100% Acrylic 3 ply in 12 Black
Unlabeled Sport Weight in white and blue
Measurements: Circumference of 20 inches . Crown to edge measures 7 inches when laid flat.


I took it over to him on Monday(July 16th). I put it on him and his Mama asked him if he liked. He said it was a great hat and he loved it.

My Orchid Variegated Is Now A Set

I Did Make A Hat to Match My Warmers

I did decide to make a hat that would match my warmers. I wanted to try a new pattern. So I used the one that was on the label of the most recent Red Heart Yarns I purchased. It used some Front Post Double crochet, which is a stitch I have learned to love. I had lots of trouble with this stitch before the light bulb turned on (after watching several Youtube videos) and I finally got it. Now that I do got it, I don’t understand why I had so much trouble with it( I guess I needed the visual aids). Knowing how to do the front post made learning the back post double crochet easier. I was not confused at all. This was the first pattern I have done using this stitch. Here is the hat and its stats.

Project Name: My Orchid Variegated Set – Hat

Pattern Used: Red Heart # LW4647 Ridged Crochet Hat

Designed by: Becky Barker
Started on: 07/11/2018
Finished on: 07/13/2018
Hook Used: J/10- 6.00 mm
Stitches Used: Double crochet, Front Post Double crochet, Back post Double crochet and single crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight 0530 Orchid and 0776 Dark Orchid
Unlabeled – Purple, blue, green, orange, brown, and maroon variegated
Measurements: Circumference of 20 inches . Crown to edge measures 7 1/2 inches when laid flat.
Size Made: Large
Weight: 2 1/8 ounces

Here are a few photos of me modeling my new hat.

I still do not feel like going back to working on the Coffee Stripe Scarf yet.So I started a new beanie for Marty. He likes to wear his chevron beanie I made him to help keep his hair out of his eyes and mouth while he is eating. He doesn’t want Mama to cut it when she asks if she can. So he wears the hat. She said she would like something a little more light weight since it is summer.

I had two patterns that I thought would work to accomplish this. I am using some of my white fingering yarn. I looked at the first pattern it seemed too open. So I checked the second choice. Ok, this one is more to my liking. It is open but the holes are not as big.

I found it in my Kindle Ebook titled “24 Hours Crochet Hacks: 25 Fast and Easy Crochet Hat Patterns for Beginners” Pattern # 20 Hippie Beanie
By Emily Rohan Copyright 2013

The pattern calls for a D sized hook. I could not find mine, so I went up to the E/4-3.50 mm hook. Probably a good idea any way Marty has a big head for his age. I am ready to start Round 7 on it. W

When I get the beanie done I think I will give baby Connor’s Sandals another try. I am going to use a bigger hook and at more rounds to the sole before I start building up the sides. I don’t think I will change much on how I did the heels. The ties will also be much longer.

When those are completed maybe just maybe I will go back to the Coffee Stripe Scarf.


I Am Posting a WIP on a Wednesday!

There Must be something wrong with me


Kidding aside. I have finished the granny rectangle for the upcycle of the large canvas bag. These were the in progress photos.

And here are the finished photos.


Now on to the WIP. I did go ahead and start a scarf using the striping yarn. I only have the one skein and the pattern calls for two. So I am putting in some solid colors that go with the stripe yarn. The stripe yarn is called LATTE STRIPE so I am using my other colors in the brown family.

I have added another section of the striped yarn and have begun a section of a solid color since I took these photos. I am begining to get a little tired of doing rows. I think I might start a hat in the next couple of days. I can usually whip a hat out in a day or two so I don’t bother putting them on the wip list. Even if I do that my wip list will stay at two with the scarf and sock. The Upcycle bag doesn’t count for crocheting wip. Now it is a sewing project and that is propbably where it will stay for a good long while until I get a sewing bug.  😀

Project Name: Coffee Stripe Scarf
Pattern Used: Red Heart Pattern # LM5445 Jazzy Striping Scar
Designed by: Trish Warrick
Started on: 07/07/2018
Finished on:
Hook Used: H/8- 5.00mm
Stitches Used: Double Crochet and V-stitch
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0334 Buff,
Super Saver Stripes – 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 4969 Latte Stripe


Square Yesterday, Rectangle Today


I have finished the large granny square for upcycling the large canvas bag. I did add some pink and a some variegated pink, purple, white yarn. I am happy with the outcome.


I placed it on the bag to see how it fit. It nearly covers the whole thing.

Project Name: Large Granny Square for Upcycling Large Canvas Bag
Pattern Used: Simple Granny Square
Started: 06 /25/2018
Finished: 07/06/2018
Hook Used: I/9-5.50 mm
Colors: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0356 Amethyst, 0530 Orchid, and 0776 Dark Orchid
Herrshcners Baby Yarn 100% Acrylic 4 ply Acrylic Worsted Weight in 1012 Ballerina (Pink) and 2001 Fairy Princess (Variegated Pink, Purple, White)
Measurements: 14 1/2 inches long x 14 1/2 inches wide x 20 inches diagonal

As soon as I finished the square I got started on the rectangle for the back of the bag. I crocheted a chain of 21 and single crocheted in the second chain from hook, crocheted across, chain one turned and single crocheted across. I now had two rows. I then single crocheted 3 in the corner single crocheted in the one end row and 3 single crocheted in other corner. I marked the 2 single crochet of the 3 crochet in corner as from here on out I would be working in the round. I single crocheted across the long side, then repeated the corner end steps, crochet along other long side and slip stitched to beginning corner stitch,no chaining just continues rounds. I continued in this fashion until my rectangle was this size. It is 7 rounds.


I then began making the granny style stitches. I placed 3 double crochets in the corner single crochet that I had marked, chained one then placed 3 more double crochets in the same corner single crochet. I chained 1, skipped 5 single crochets ( I am working the short end now)placed 4 double crochets in that stitch, skipped 5 stitches and placed 3 double crochets in the marked corner stitch, chained 1, 3 more in the same corner stitch. Working along the long side now, skip 3 stitches, 3 double crochets in next, repeat across to next marked corner stitch repeat corner and the short end like above. Repeat long end stitches over to first corner and slip stitch to join. If it was a round I changed colors I finished off then joined by slip stitch in corner, chained 3 and continued in a granny style stitch fashion. I edged with a round of Half double crochet and was just about finished with the second round of single crochet in the photo below. I used most of the same colors as in the square except the rectangle has no amethyst. I used the last bit of that in the square, so I substituted the last little bit of Lion Brand -Vanna’s Choice 100% Acrylic 4 ply Medium Worsted Weight in 139 Berrylicious

I should finish it up later this evening during movie and crocheting time.

Maybe I will start that self striping yarn scarf next. 🙂