Floored It, Like A Pintrest Nailed It Fail! :D

And WIP’s Catch Up


I have been spending a lot of my time this month getting my music library organized on my laptop. The weather still doesn’t know what it is going to do so it was a thing I could do inside when I was not in the mood to crochet. When I was in the mood to crochet I worked on the bathroom floor rug. I had a little help on one of the last days before I finished it. Little Kitty thought she needed to hold it down while I was taking a break. She is just so stinking cute I could not ask her to move. So I went back to organizing my music.


I continued to work on the floor rug finishing it up on the eighth. I ran out of the medium thyme, so I just used the next green to finish off that round and the next two. Then I did a border in white. I did a round of v-stitch then a round of single crochet. My assistants were once again making sure that the finished project photo shoot went off without a hitch.

Project Name: Nick’s Bathroom Floor Rug
Pattern Used: A Better Granny Rectangle
Designed by: Sue Rivers
Started on: 03-11-2019
Finished on: 05-08-2019
Hook Used: G/6-4.25mm
Stitches Used: Half Double Crochet and Double Crochet
Yarns Used: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo – 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight 14 oz
0368 Paddy Green
Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight 7 oz
0406 Medium Thyme
Mary Maxim Starlette 100% Acrylic Worsted Weight (4) 3.50 oz/100 grams 180 yards/165 meters
032 Medium Willow and 106 Natural
Unabled Skein: Medium Green 6oz
Measurements: 27 x31 inches
Weight: 14 5/8 ounces

Little Kitty makes sure the rug lays right.



I should have made the chain the length I wanted then did the steps to make a rectangle. The rug did not fit into the space beside the bathtub the way I wanted.


It was almost a square, so I put it in front of the sink.


Ketchup Clip Art, Vector Images & Illustrations -istockphoto.com

I have started another rectangle with the little bits of green that I had left over and I added tans and browns.


I was going to give this to Nick, my son, for his bathroom. I then got to thinking about the other rug, it didn’t fit quite right in front of my bathroom sink, it was a bit too large. So I decided to give him the first rug. It fits nicely in his bathroom. He now wants me to make some triangles that will fit at each end, one for the sink area and one to fill in the toilet area.


I also finished joining the front panels of my Psychedelic granny square sweater. I used the join as you go method. I am using the red heart ombre yarn Anthracite(greys) for joining.

Sully had to come check out the panels to see if my work was up to his standards.

Did I tell you that Sully can be very demanding. 😀

I am having a harder time choosing color combinations for the back panel. I want to make sure I have enough scrap to get 4 of each combination that I do chose. This is my first combination selection. I was able to make four squares.

I am undecided if I want to make sleeves at this point too. It will boil down to if I have enough scrap I think.






Throw Back Thursday # 21 All Together Now,

The Coral, Paradise, and Fruit Punch Set Is Now Complete!


Posted October 4th 2015

I finished the other wrist warmer on the 27th of September. Just got around to taking some photos today. I also was adding captions using Paintbrush. I like to do this to my photos that I use in my Ebay listings. That way if people just look at the pictures all the details are there. The Buyer can’t say it was not as described. I also take photos of the items with a measuring tape. I have also learned to use the word “approximately ” in the descriptions too. I learned to do all of this from the first beanie I sold, because we do not do returns the gal said it was not same colors as the photo at first, then she said it didn’t fit. We offered her a partial refund and she could keep the beanie and gift it to someone else. She never took the refund and kept the hat as far as I know.
It is hard to choose which photos to use for the listings when I sell a matching set like this. I am on a tight budget. So we use the monthly free listings and any free listing specials that Ebay runs. So you only get 12 free photos for each listing .
I have 13 photos now that I want to use. I like to include some of the beanie and the scarf being worn. I think it helps give an idea of the beanie size if they see it actually on someone’s head, namely mine. There was a photo of me wearing the hat with that above listing, but no measuring tape photos. I also like to include the Allergy Warning photo. So I have some work cut out for myself.

I think I will combine the photos in Paintbrush like I did this one of the wrist warmers.

Hopefully by doing this I can get it down to the 12 photos and still get all the info, the items being worn , and the allergy warning.

Throwback Thursday # 20 Beanie Done, Started Wrist Warmers

Posted September 26th 2015


I finished the matching beanie on Wednesday for the coral, paradise, and fruit punch infinity scarf. I started on the wrist warmers on Thursday. I completed one of them today.


Throwback Thursday # 19 Congradulations, It’s an Infinity Scarf!

Posted on September 23rd  2015

I finished the scarf last night.
Yes, as you see by the title I did seam the ends together.
Its final measurements are 52 inches long by 7 inches wide.
It weighs 5 and 1/4 ounces.

I started right away on the matching beanie.
I almost have it done too.
Next up will be the hand warmers.

I got started and almost didn’t stop. I decided it was time to quit when my eyes kept falling down and the clock said 1:30 am.

Very Little Crochet Progress This Week


The reason being, I didn’t feel much like crocheting. No new granny squares were started this week either. This doesn’t mean that there was no progress in the week.

I was able to get a little bit more done on the bathtub floor rug. It isn’t much but it is still progress.


The sock for my brother is another story. I was crocheting along on it just fine. By the time, I got to round 12 it looked like I was crocheting a sock for Hagrid to match his pink umbrella. Now my brother does wear size 13 shoes, but this sock was looking a bit ridiculous.
Needless to say I ripped it out and began anew. I am using a D/3-3.25 mm hook this time. I have gotten the sixth round started. It looks a lot better this attempt. I have a chart for shoe sizes and a wide shoe measures 4.6 inches. I think this 5 1/2 inch wide sock is going to be a better fit for my brother not Hagrid.

Since I didn’t feel like crocheting I worked on continuing to add to my movie library card catalog on the computer. I nearly got all my dvds entered. I just have a few more tv series and some concert videos left.
I also have been working on my music library on the computer too. I was getting tired of the windows media player, so I found this cool app in the Microsoft Store (yes, I have Windows 10,but not by choice) called Music Bee. It is a bit fancier than media player. The Music Bee can be personalized in so many ways. Lots of different skins, you can pick what info to display, you can get biographies of the artists displayed if you use it while online.
I can actually assign a photo to a song or album which will stay put. That was my gripe with media player, I would assign a photo and it would change it to a different one. Example: Assign the album cover photo of Whitesnake and a Cinderella’s Long Cold Winter album covers. Close media player come back next time and the Cinderella album has the photo for the WhiteSnake album.
I am really enjoying it all. Since finding a better music player I decided to bring in my tape cassette collection. I have been downloading the mp3s for them. My music library is growing by leaps and bounds.