So Far My Sox Doesn’t Sux

December 23
I have been working on the socks over this Christmas break. I kept track of my rows on the cuff with hash marks this time. I then progressed to the ankle section. Where you have to crochet down the row ends of the cuff and then slip stitch the ends together. That went pretty smoothly. Next up was the heel flap which was worked in rows off the ankle section. The last steps I completed were the heel turning steps. This is the section that makes the little “cup” for your heel. You can really get lost here if you don’t keep track of your stitches and the decreasing over sc and the next sc crochet of row 15 of the heel flap.

I stopped there because I had to write out the next section instructions on to paper from the PDF file I have on the computer. I don’t have ink in the printer at this time and I don’t want the computer on just to look at the pattern. Also I might do my crocheting in bed, don’t want laptop on the bed for Sully to bump or walk on the keyboard. πŸ™‚
The next section is the gussets and foot. This part might make me pull at my hair a bit. I was reading it and at some point I have to have a marker for the beginning of round and two for each end of the gussets. If that doesn’t drive me to madness it sounds like the toe shaping section might, you have to double marker the same stitch. I hope I don’t move the wrong marker up as I complete each round of the toe! EeeeK!
If I complete the first sock and still have half a brain, I might rest it a bit before starting the second sock. πŸ˜›

Update on Sox Number One
December 27
Well there was no hair pulling while doing the gussets and foot. Once I got to going it all made sense. Sometimes the instructions can be scary at first, then you do a few rounds and say to yourself, “What was I making such a fuss about?” So I had my full brain to tackle the toe section. The part about double markering the beginning stitch of a round was not necessary. I use colored paper clips for my stitch markers, so the gussets markers were both red and the beginning stitch was a green paperclip. So that worry was removed. Again once I got to going the instructions made more sense, I was no longer intimidated by them.
I am happy to report that I have conquered sock making. Sox number two should be a breeze! πŸ˜€

Project Name: Kay’s Purple Shaza Socks
Pattern Used: Colorful Crochet Socks Red Heart Pattern # WR1783 (free Downloadable Pattern)
(Rainbow Sherbert Socks on
Designed by: Kathy Wesley for Red Heart Yarn
Started on: 10/10/2017
Finished on:
Hook Used: E/4 – 3.50 mm
Stitches Used: Single Crochet
Colors Used: Herrshcners Afghan Yarn 100% Acrylic 2 ply Fine Weight in 0112 Seascape and 0069 Grape Frost


BOB’s Blanket

And Other Items I Did This Summer

One of the big projects that I finished this summer was the blanket for Bob the RV’s foldout couch/bed.

The Fold out Couch in BOB the RV covered with a flannel sheet.

David was the one that had the idea for doing a blanket for Bob. I thought for sometime what I would do. I finally decided to do a granny square blanket, so I could say I had finally done one of this type. I decided to use a lot of the pink yarns in my stash. At first that was all I thought that I would need but I realized it would not be enough to make the size I wanted.

I began by making 108 six-inch squares. Most of these were in various shades of pink. When I realized I would need more than the pink I also made some in rainbow colors.

I then joined 3 squares in a row, then joined 3 rows to form a 3 x 3 square color theme. I joined these squares into a row as seen in photos below.

I made 3 such rows of the 3 x 3 squares, then joined them together. I finished this up to form a 3 by 4 blanket. It was still not large enough so I decided to make a granny square type border. I first did a round of double crochet around it then did the granny square around in the rainbow colors.

The following photos are the final rounds of the border and Sully’s inspection.

I also finally finished my Skrappy Triangle Shawl.

I made a beanie and scarf using granny square patterns.

A Yellow spiral hat.

A pink beanie.

A bucket hat.

And this rainbow wedge hat.

A coin pouch.

And finally this indoor outdoor golf disc.

I have some projects on my hooks that I am working on now. They include 2 blankets, a beanie scarf, a wall hanging, a canvas bag I am upcycling, and a pair of socks. I pulled the socks out and started over once already as I left them to long between sessions on them that I forgot what row I was on. Lol I guess this time I shall make hash marks on paper to remember. πŸ˜€

My daughter and son-in-law both like coffee so when I found this pattern for Coffee cup coasters I thought it would make a good wall hanging for their names.

I received a couple of used canvas bags from my brother-in-law who has been cleaning out his sister’s things after she passed. I thought I would add a crochet square to hide the nursing logos and add some pockets.

That wraps up my summer crochet projects.

I Have Hired a New Model.

I have not fired adult styrofoam head, her job is secure.

I was over visiting The Wee House of Crochet complimenting on one of her toddler hats. She told me that she had just ordered baby and toddler mannequin heads for displaying hats and help with sizing her hats. This reminded me that I was going to get one of my childhood dolls out of my keepsake bin for just that purpose. I was sure that she had a head circumference of 14 inches which corresponds with newborn size in most crochet hat sizing charts.
I received this doll from a couple that had taken a shine to me. They were our neighbors when we lived in Glasgow, Montana in 1972. She was a second-hand doll but she still worked. When she was new she came with a phone that she “held” in her hand. You pushed a button on her hand that made her talk. She would say one of 11 different phrases as if she were talking to you over the phone. She was sold back in 1971 by the Mattel Toy Company as “Hi, Dottie”. I don’t think she had the phone, just the hand set when they gave her to me. I can’t remember if she had shoes at that time.
So Saturday afternoon I got her out of my keepsake bin. She needed a bit of cleaning, her hair need a wash and a comb. So without further ado, I would like you to meet Dottie my new model for baby hats.


This is her original dress.
Her left eye is faded and that might be a pen stain on her cheek. We will say it is her beauty mark. πŸ™‚
Full standing view.
I laid her down to measure her. Those are also her original underwear.
She is 17 inches tall.
I was pretty close on her head circumference. It is actually 13 and a half inches. So if the hat is a little big it should be fine for a newborn.

Here are a few photos of her doing her modeling.



This Puppy Is Done!

I finally finished the baby blanket after a total restart and a small set back in the new design. I think this finished size will be perfect for covering and using in a car seat or for a bassinet blanket. I left it this size because I did not have enough of each color to do another set of the color pattern. This was part of my reasoning in doing the edging in this manner. I wanted the top to be distinguishable from the bottom so I did the wide band. With what I have left of this yarn I am making a new-born beanie and some booties. Since they don’t take long I will just post when I finish them rather than do a work in progress.












I decided to single crochet a wide band using all the colors excluding white and the puppy print. This is the top of the blanket.

I did a row of single crochet of white around the other 3 sides. I followed that with a row of half double crochet in the puppy print. I did a kind of granny square type of stitching around the bottom corners for a bit of flair.


The Length

Twenty-one Inches

The Width

Thirty-eight and One Half Inches

Full view with no tape measure in the way.

Here are all the stats for you to gander at.

Project Name: Simply Soft Puppy Print Baby Blanket
Pattern Used: Double Crochet Double Skip Stitch
Design Improvised by Arlene K. Didier from Skrappy Skarves
Started on: 03/15/2017
Finished on: 04/09/2017
Hook Used: J/10 – 6.00 mm (Blue one)
Stitches Used: Double Crochet and Single Crochet
Colors Used: Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 9608 Blue Mint, 9784 Cobalt Blue, 9701 White, 9712 Soft Blue, and 9508 Charcoal Heather and an unlabeled ball of Yellow
Red Heart Baby Steps 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in Puppy Print (variegated blue, green, and white).
Measurements: 21 inches long by 38 1/2 inches wide


I Need More Summer Items


So to get that idea going I made this dark brown visor. I also need more items in colors that will also appeal to guys. I think these colors will appeal to both. I may need to go up a hook size too so that I can get the circumference larger than 21 inches for those guys with bigger skulls. These don’t take me that long to do either. So I will probably be doing a few more in various colors and sizes.

Project Name: Dark Brown Summer Visor with Burnt Orange and Dark Gold Stripes
Pattern Used: Summer Visor
Designed by: Tia Davis from
Started on: 04/06/2017
Finished on: 04/07/2017
Hook Used: H/8 – 5.00 mm
Stitches Used: Half Double crochet, Double crochet, Single crochet and slip stitch
Colors Used: J.C.Penny Knit and Crochet 100% Acrylic Fiber 4 ply Worsted Weight in 715 Dark Brown
Red Heart Wintuk 100% Virgin Orlon Acrylic Fiber in 255 Burnt Orange Hand Knitting and 602 Dark Gold
Measurements: Circumference of 21 inches . Band withd measures 2 1/2 inches when laid flat. Brim is 13 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide.
Size Made: Adult
List Price: $ 7.00


I could also do some more of the indoor/outdoor golf discs. They take me awhile though. It is all single crochet and lots of colors with small hook.












Project Name: Pink and Cream Indoor/ Outdoor Golf Disc
Pattern Used: Coozie Lion Brand Pattern # LO577
Hook Used: G/6 – 4.25
Stitches Used: Single Crochet
Colors Used: Various shades of pink unlabeled balls of yarn.
Unlabeled various shades of white/cream balls of yarn.
Measurements: 8 inches in diameter. 1 inch lip/brim.
List Price: $ 8.00

I also made 3 more as gifts for my kids.

I think I have plenty of variety in bags, purses, wallets and coin purses. That can be bought and used at any time of year.

And of course I have many other designs that are more for summer as they have brims to keep the sun off.

You can find all these projects on my home page “Crochet Projects”. When you get to the page justΒ  click the photo of the project you fancy, the stats and the link for the pattern are given there.

All of my “Crochet Projects” are available for sale on Ebay. I have not posted the Ebay links directly in the projects, because the links will change each time the item ends and I relist it. So you can click this Ebay link or click the one in my “Blog Roll” at the bottom of each page.