I Did Not Give Up, Just Tried A Different Direction

I finished the minty lemon baby sweater this week, so I will post that on Friday. That leaves me with the other slipper boot and the bathtub floor rug in the Wips list. I didn’t really want to work on the second boot yet. I decided to give the rug another try. I grabbed it out of its wip bag. I worked a few stitches then got to looking at it closer. It was starting to curl just like before. I had made the starting chain shorter and kept my stitches looser this time. I just don’t think the alternating single crochet and double crochet stitches on the same row works well for a long piece. It is great for small items like my crochet pouches and even for my skull-cap beanies. It does make for a nice tight fabric. I guess I should have thought of that before choosing it for my rug.
So I frogged the rug again. I have not given up on it. I now know I need to go in a different direction. I thought how I really enjoy doing shapes like granny squares, granny triangles, and the semi circle was fun too. I decide what I needed to do was look for a granny rectangle pattern. So I went to the internets searching for granny rectangles.
I found this great one by Sue Rivers over at Crochet Again. It is called “A Better Granny Rectangle“. I like this one because you start your rectangle with a chain instead of a sliding or adjustable ring. I still have not gotten the knack on the adjustable ring. It takes me a dozen tries to get it right.

I also like it because you can do a bit of tweaking here and there to get the starting size you want. I decided to not do a chain between the 3dc clusters. I also just did 2 chains for the corners rather than the three. I wanted the “holes” of the fabric to be small and close together for my rug.
So after a couple of starts to get the size and look I wanted, this was the result of my efforts.

I did three rounds in the paddy green. I then changed to the natural (white). I wanted the natural rounds to not stand as tall as the green so I used half double crochet and since they weren’t as tall I did do a chain between the 3 half double crochet clusters. I still just did 2 chains for the corners. Oh, I am also turning at the end of each round, so the rectangle will look the same on both sides.
So this is what I got so far this morning. I like that the holes are small and the fabric lies flat. I don’t think it will need to be blocked as it is holding its shape quite well.

I am also going to crochet another baby sweater using ” Even Beginners Can Crochet a Granny Square Baby Sweater” crochet pattern designed by Yolanda Soto-Lopez from All Crafts Channel. I have just crocheted one square for it so far. I was surprised that the square turns out bigger than the other baby sweater pattern. I am using the same G/6-4.25 mm hook and the same # 3 light weight yarn by Bernat and the other pink is Herrshcners Kid’s Brites also a # 3 light weight yarn. This new pattern has more chains between the clusters and in the corners. So I guess that makes a difference.


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