Would you believe me?

Would you believe me, if I told you I only have two projects on my WIP’s list?
Seriously it is true fact. I have been finishing up projects left and right and have controlled myself so that I haven’t started any new ones.
The first one I finished was the Purple and Pink Fairy Princess Set
So I returned to working on the Pink Flaming Berries V-stitch Throw. When I finished it I still was not sure if I was going to sell it or keep it. I was sitting thinking about this when a totally different idea occurred to me. My mother-in-law’s favorite color is pink. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of gifting it to her. I had made it from yarn that had belonged to her daughter before she passed away. I was given the yarn when my brother-in-law was going through her things. I thought it would make a memory afghan for my mother-in-law. I told David of my idea, he thought it would be awesome. I will have to wash it and bag or box it right away before I send it to her. She is allergic to cats.
So here are the stats and photos for it.


Project Name: Flaming Pink Berries V-Stitch Throw
Pattern Used: V-Stitch Throw also know as Country Cozy Afghan
Designed by: Caron Dazzleaire Yarn Label Pattern which can also be found on Fave Crafts
Started on: 10/11/2017
Finished on: 06/13/2018
Hook Used: I/9 -5.50mm
Stitches Used: Single Crochet, Double Crochet, V-stitch, Treble Crochet and Slip stitch I did rows 1- 6 in Berrylicious, repeated row 6 in Aran, then repeated rows 1-6 in Pink Flamingo, repeated row 6 in Aran for stripe pattern.
Colors Used: Lion Brand- Vanna’s Choice 100% Acrylic 4 ply Medium Worsted Weight in 139 Berrylicious
Herrshcners- Kid’s Brites 100% Acrylic 3 ply Light Weight in 0004 Pink Flamingo
Red Heart- Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0313 Aran
Caron- Dazzleaire 80% Acrylic 20% Nylon 4 ply Worsted Weight 4 ply Worsted Weight in 2628 Azalea
Measurements: 66 inches by 36 inches
Size Made: 54 inches x 41 inches
Weight: 1 pound 12 3/8 ounces


I took these last two photos just because he looked so handsome laying beside the afghan. 😀


The next project to come off the WIP’s list was the Family Coffee Mug Wall Hanging for my daughter. I thought I had this one done when she announced that she was pregnant with grandson #2. I had to wait for him to be born to find out his name so I could make his cups. She did not tell any one but her husband, what each of the boys names would be until they were born. She didn’t want anyone to steal the names. 🙂
Stats and photos below.

Project Name: Family Coffee Mug Wall Hanging
Pattern Used: Crazy Cute Coffee Coasters
Designed by: Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me
Started on: 10/15/2017
Finished on: 06/21 /2018
Hook Used: H/8 – 5.00 mm for small cups
K/10 1/2 – 6.50 mm for large cup
Stitches Used: Slip stitch, Single, Half Double, and Double Crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo – 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0311 White, 0368 Paddy Green, 0784 Bon Bon Print, and 0971 Camouflage
Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0390 Red Hot, 0324 Bright Yellow, 0360 Cafe Latte, 0885 Delft Blue, 0365 Coffee, 0387 Soft Navy, 3862 Jade, 0886 Blue, 3939 Blacklight, and 950 Mexicana
Wintuk – 100% Virgin Orlon Acrylic Fiber in 255 Burnt Orange Hand Knitting
Soft Baby Steps – 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 9932 Puppy Print
Unabled Skeins Purples/ Blues variegated 5 oz skein
Measurements: Large cup: 4 inches at base, 5 1/2 inches at top, and 6 inches tall
Small cups: varies- from 2 inches at base, 3 inches at top, and 4 inches tall


So that leaves me with one sock and one wrist warmer to do.

I am working on the wrist warmer now.

1 Purple Wrist Warmers


Project Name: Orchid variegated Wrist Warmers
Pattern Used: One-Hour Wrist Warmers
Designed by: Jaime Maraia from Crochet Dynamite
Also incorporates the cuff from Joyful and Bright Winter Fingerless Mittens
Designed by Rhondda Mol from Oombawka Design
Started on: 5/11/2018
Finished on:
Hook Used: J/10- 6.00 mm
Stitches Used: Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, and Half Double Crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply Worsted Weight in 0530 Orchid and 0776 Dark Orchid
Unlabeled Ball- variegated in Purple, blue, green, orange, brown, and maroon

I figure I can wait a bit on the sock as it is summer and my daughter doesn’t wear heavy socks now. lol

I think my next project will be to upcycle the large canvas bag I got when my sister-in-law passed away. I will do it similarly to the book bag I did.

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