Wet Wednesday WIP’s

Baby Blanket Set Back and Moving Forward

I have been working alot on the baby blanket.

Last week I posted my progress with these photos.


Later that day I picked it up again, I was crocheting away when I noticed that my stitches seemed really loose and the edges were growing. I counted my stitches and found I now had 125 instead of the 123 I was suppose to have. Well, ok that explained the edges growing and starting to look like the top of a tornado funnel. However it did not explain the looseness. I just happened to glance down at my hook, it looked bigger and now that I thought about it, it also felt bigger. I checked the size it was my K/ 10 1/2- 6.50 mm hook, not my J/10 – 6.00 mm hook. It was no wonder my stitches were loose.
So at some point I had grabbed the larger hook. I can understand how I made the mistake. Let me show you. First off, I have been storing my hooks in this cute heart hot coco mug while I wait to finish lining my new hook case. I have the cup sitting on my night stand.

The red arrow is pointing out my J and K hooks. They look very similar in color. If I do just a quick glance grabbing one of them in the dimmer light of my bedside table lamp.

Even side by side in sunlight they look similar.


So I ripped the blanket back to the row the red arrow is pointing to.


I now make sure that I do in fact have the J hook in my hot little hand before continuing again.
I have now gotten back to were I noticed the my mistake. It no longer looks like a tornado funnel and it still measures 13 inches at this point.


This is the progress as of last night. I took the photos this morning.

Just a small set back but onward and upward as the saying goes.

On another note, I have not worked on the brushed yarn in rust beanie since last week. I must really enjoy working on this blanket even with the set back to leave a beanie sit for a whole week. 😀


3 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday WIP’s

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  2. Oh no, it’s gutting when you have to frog back your hard work. I missed the other half of a ‘v’ on my shells blanket and had to pull down 2 rounds which had taken me ages. Lovely blanket though, and glad you figured out the problem. 😊

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