Let’s Visit a Few Old WIP’s And A Few New Ones

The newest WIP is this white adult size Summer Visor. It will also have some red and blue added. I should be able to finish it up tonight.












I think after I get the visor done, I will pull out the triangle shawl. It has been a WIP for so long it is concidered to be in hybernation. The first photo is before it went into hybernation. I did pull it out again after that, I only added about 3 rows as you can see in the rest of the photos, then it was back to hybernating. I decided to measure it this time. One reason I have not worked on it in so long is I have not had the size of small scrap balls I like to use. I have a few now since I have been doing many other projects. I still have not decided for sure if I will sell this when it IS finally finished.

The next big project I have is the wavy stitch baby blanket. I have not made much progress between WIP photos. I love the stitch, but I am using Caron Simply Soft it is silky which makes it slide off the hook a lot and the plys separate too. So I don’t like to work with it much. This blanket while be sold when it is finished.

I have had this little pencil colored Pencil Case in the WIP pile for a while too.It fits in between the shawl and the baby blanket as for how long it has been a WIP. I have 2 more of these, but I have never listed them for sale. They are sort of an odd thing to package for mailing. I guess I could not include the paper towel roll and mail them that way. The buyer could furnish the paper towel roll when they recieved it.












I decided to rip out my crochet hook case and redo it in a different style. I crocheted it into fabric. I will be sewing a liner onto it. Then I will sew individual pockets for each hook. It will roll up and button.

I will sew the liner for the hook case in when I get this blue market bag crocheted. I will do the liners for both at that time. I like to have a couple of things to sew before I whip out the sewing machine. šŸ™‚

So there you have it my up to date WIP’s list. šŸ˜€



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