UPDATE: Nick’s Minecraft Creeper Throw

I have finished the squares, I am now crocheting them together by slip stitching the back loop of facing square to front loop of not facing square with right sides of squares together.
I do a row then crochet them together.


This is all the squares laid out on the bed. I used “How to Crochet a Solid Granny Square For Beginners” YouTube Tutorial Video by Bella CoCo’s pattern for my squares.
It will be more of a throw than a full scale blanket. I almost have rows one and two crocheted to each other. Rows 3 and 4 are crocheted to each other. I will then crochet row 2 to row 3. I did rows 3 and 4 as I got the squares done. I didn’t like doing it that way. So I went back to finishing all the squares and then crocheting them as rows then join the rows.13f-nicks-minecraft-creeper-throw

Nick still has not decided whether he wants me to put an edge around it yet. Maybe it will help him decide when they are all joined together. 🙂


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