A Few Things In The Works


I have been working mostly on Nick’s Minecraft Creeper Throw these last few days. I have now run out of Glowworm yarn. I still have to make 15 and one third of a square. Then I will need to join them all together.




Martin Jack O Lantern Blanket 6292016

I have also begun pinning the grey fleece for sewing for Martin’s Jack O’ lantern blanket. I have two sides done. I will have to move my sewing machine to sew this as it is against the wall between the dresser and the tv cart. I have to do this so that the cabinet table will lay down and I have room to maneuver the material.



I have also been working on a light blue hat with bon bon print “hat band and edge trim. It will be the second hat I have made using this pattern:

Natural Colored Floppy Brim Hat By by Linda Cyr of Vogue Knitting

25 Cream Mexicana Shells with Large Floppy Brim
The first hat made using this pattern.

Last night I started doing some freestyling. I am trying to make a triangle Granny square. I came up with the idea when I would make a mistake doing my Creeper squares. Well as I kept going around it started to make a triangle “cup” so I am thinking I will just keep going with the flow here. I think it is going to become a hat in the end.


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